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Read Reviews from Happy High River Denture & Implant Clinic Patients

Over the years, Gerard Mercier and his team have helped residents of High River and the surrounding communities to achieve a stronger bite and improve the appearance of their mouth with dentures and implant dentures. Read the testimonials below to see what High River Denture & Implant Clinic patients have to say about our service.

Implant dentures have made my life so much better!

Margaret H

"I got my first dentures when I was 21 years old. I have now had implants for 22 years and was one of Gerard’s very first patients. They have made my life so much better!

I was so self-conscious in public and was always covering my mouth and licking my lips.

Gerard saw my poorly made dentures and saw my pain and said, “You're going to get implants!”

People asked me about my implants and I referred them to Gerard. Now I see these people out in public speaking without a hand over their mouth and just exuding confidence."

- Margaret H.
4 implant dentures supporting and retaining lower dentures

Gerard Mercier gave me the teeth I had been dreaming about

Tracey B

"I was embarrassed because of my natural teeth. Thanks to Gerard Mercier I have complete upper and lower dentures and now I feel fantastic.

In the past when I spoke to people I would never look at them; I was embarrassed because of my teeth. After having extractions from Dr. Brian Whitestone (who was fantastic and made me instantly comfortable), I had the pleasure of moving on to Gerard Mercier. He was able to give me the teeth I had been dreaming about. I now have complete upper and lower dentures and could not be happier. Now when I speak to someone I look them in the eyes. I don’t smile behind my hands anymore and because of Gerard Mercier, I feel like a whole new person.

The first time I walked in to Gerard Mercier’s office I cried. I had such a fear of dentists and the unknown that I didn’t know what to expect. The ladies in the office were great and so was Gerard. He made me feel comfortable and told me all that I could expect. I went through the extractions procedure and then back to get the most beautiful teeth I could imagine. I now have complete upper and lower dentures and feel fantastic. Now, when I go back I smile. My confidence is no longer an issue and I look forward to meeting new people."

- Tracey B.

Completely satisfied customer and fan

Deannie G

"Dearest Gerard and staff,

This is one of those times when the words 'thank you' seem insignificant in comparison to how I feel.

Three years ago my teeth were literally falling apart and I was so discouraged. Because of a childhood illness which destroyed the enamel on my teeth, and despite the constant care and attention I paid in caring for them, they continued to deteriorate. Over many years I spent a fortune with various dentists trying to ‘save’ them, and I grew weary and discouraged at the attempts. Being too aware of the condition of my mouth, I struggled with feeling free to smile. I just wanted to hide them all the time.

A recommendation to visit your office for a consultation changed all that. And for the first time, I felt as though I had some real options. I had never wanted dentures to be an option and the cost of implanting each individual tooth was not possible at the time. Therefore, your suggestion of the implant plate completely suited my needs and was a better fit financially.

Since receiving the implant plate, I have been more than thrilled. It looks and feels great. I rarely am aware it’s there and it doesn’t come out. It is stronger than my own teeth and by far more aesthetically appealing. In spite of the time and work involved, I have not for one moment regretted the decision. As clichéd as it may sound – I have absolutely gotten my smile back and it feels so good!!

Gerard, how can I thank you enough for your exceptional care and professionalism. Your amazing attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship in designing the mouth piece was second to none. It took time, but you didn’t settle for less than the best and that is what you delivered. Your kind and gentle chair-side manner put me at ease and was a constant reassurance. I know you make each patient feel as though they are your most important one, and you certainly made me feel that way.

To Evan and the rest of the staff, thank you for making me feel so ‘at home’ in a dental office. I loved the small town, welcome neighbour feel, and yet saw such professionalism. Apparently one doesn’t have to go to the big city to ‘get it all! ’ I will always be grateful for that.

With deep appreciation and fondness."

- Deannie G.
Upper fixed bridge on implants, lower natural teeth

New quality of life…I can chew steak, eat apples and corn

Irene D

“After 40 years with dentures, implants have given me a new quality of life. I can chew steak, eat apples and corn on the cob with my implants. My stomach and digestion feel so much better. I had TMJ and my jaw used to click all the time. Having implants has fixed that! Before implants I could not even eat an orange as I couldn’t chew it properly and steak was out of the question. I wish I would have known about implants years ago. Gerard is so caring and such a perfectionist!”

- Irene D.
Upper denture, lower fixed bridge on implants

Implant dentures have given me more confidence and self-esteem

Gary L

“I have never before experienced the exceptional “bed side manner”, compassion, care and knowledge from any medical or dental facility that I have experienced from Gerard, and staff at the High River Denture & Implant Clinic. After 20 years of suffering through countless dental appointments and surgeries, I was fortunate and will be forever thankful that I met Gerard and his staff. I suffer from extreme “gag” reflex, which made my dental visits, prior to becoming a patient of Gerard, very uncomfortable and time consuming.

Gerard spent countless hours explaining what had to be done to ensure the best dental care possible. He took many hours explaining what had to be done and why, and he continued explaining the procedure until I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Gerard took as much time as was necessary to ensure that my comfort was a priority. So much so that on one particular Saturday he came into the office which was closed, on his personal time, so he could adjust my prosthetic to ensure a proper fit. He also provided his home and cell phone number, should I require any assistance.

I now have six implants in my upper jaw, supporting my upper prosthetic, which I truly believe is not an attachment but it is a part of me. To my surprise, Gerard presented my “implant denture adventure story” to the Alberta Implant Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

All of this could not have been done without the wonderful support and dedication from Gerard and his staff.

Gerard and his staff are not only my dental care providers, they have become good friends and I have become their friend. One of the greatest compliments a professional can receive is to have someone recommend them, which I have done on several occasions, and will continue recommending Gerard and his staff.”

- Gary L., Okotoks, AB
Removable upper bridge on implants

I no longer have to be selective in my food choices!

Valetta E.

“My implant dentures have given me a new lease on life! I now enjoy eating in public and I no longer have to be selective in my food choices.

The implant procedure for me was painless and I find the denture implant far superior to a common denture and comparable to natural teeth!

I highly recommend the implant dental procedure. I’d do it all over again!

Thank you Gerard Mercier and associates!"

- Valetta E.
5 implant dentures with a lower fixed bridge

Implant dentures have given me more confidence and self-esteem!

Marlene W.

“Implant dentures have given me more confidence and self-esteem. The freedom to eat what I want is almost like getting back my natural teeth. I used to be self-conscious about my partials and tended to hide behind a partial smile but now I can’t stop smiling and people compliment me on my nice teeth and great smile. My only wish is that I had done it years ago. I highly recommend Gerard and all his staff – they were as thrilled as I was with the end result.”

- Marlene W., Manning, AB
Upper and lower fixed bridges on implants

Implant dentures totally changed my life!

Bernice Z.

“I had false teeth for a long time and was continually going to denturists for tweaking of those dentures. Then Gerard fitted me. He got it right the first time!

Then I got implants and it totally changed my life. Now I never have pain while eating everything I want including my favourite…gum! It is so satisfying to eat a whole apple or chomp on hard celery or carrots now.”

- Bernice Z., High River, AB
Implant supported and retained removable lower denture, upper denture

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