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Upper fixed bridge on implants, lower natural teeth


Your mouth is constantly changing. After natural teeth are extracted the bone under your gums begins to resorb. Broken, worn or ill-fitting dentures don’t always need to be replaced.


The denturists at High River Denture Clinic can assess very quickly if you’re a candidate for a rebase, reline or repair in Claresholm, High River and serving Okotoks. Loose dentures can be refitted (relined) to ensure a proper fit. Many times a loose denture will break while eating. This is because the fit of the denture has changed and the pressure of biting is not evenly distributed. In the case of repairs, we can often offer same-day service. The following information applies to complete dentures as well as partial dentures.

Possible Reasons for a Denture Reline:

  • Post-immediate dentures

  • Tooth loss

  • Weight loss

  • Bone loss in the upper or lower jaw

  • Tissues changing due to shrinkage

  • Illness or disease

  • General physiological ageing

  • Better fit, a relined denture stays in better

The shape of your gums and the bones that support the dentures can change over time, which means they may no longer fit properly. The bite position, existing teeth and acrylic base must be in good condition and not excessively worn to provide a reline procedure.


To provide a working model, an impression of your oral tissue is taken. The new acrylic base material is added to your denture to produce a proper fit. Depending on the individual needs relines may or may not change the appearance of dentures.


Relining a denture involves removing some of the material from the tissue site or the fitting surface of the denture and then rebuilding the denture in order to match its shape to that of your mouth. It can make an older denture fit more securely and feel more comfortable.


In many cases, a reline can extend the life of your denture as well as improve health and nutrition by helping the patient chew better. A reline is recommended after 2 to 3 years. In many cases, patients no longer need to use denture adhesive. We can reline your partial or complete denture and have it back to you the same day in High River, Claresholm and serving Okotoks.


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Soft Relines

Soft relines are made from a soft flexible silicone material and may need to be re-done every year. They are used if the mouth cannot tolerate a hard denture base, and are only done a small percentage of the time for very delicate tissue and problem lower dentures. A soft reline can be performed in-office chairside or in the lab.

Hard Relines

Hard relines are a permanent solution made from the same material as the denture base. A hard reline will usually be used if your mouth is healthy and can support a new denture base. Some of the newer hard relines can be performed in-office chairside and still be considered long-lasting. With a chairside reline the material is cured in the office at the time of the reline. Because of the nature of the material used it is not considered as accurate and long-lasting as a laboratory reline.

Laboratory Reline

Laboratory reline is still considered the best type of relining available and the longest lasting. The plastic is processed and cured in our in-house laboratory in the same way that the plastic of the original denture is cured. The biggest disadvantage of a laboratory reline is that it will require that you are without your denture during the laboratory phase (usually a business day).


Rebasing is usually done when the denture teeth have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material. It is a process of retrofitting dentures by replacing the entire acrylic denture base with new acrylic, which provides a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth. Rebasing is much less common than relining.

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