A dentist checking a woman's teeth for Implant Denture

Good Candidate for Implant Denture

What Makes a Good Candidate for Implant Dentures?

Losing your natural teeth can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience. It can affect your self-confidence and create additional oral health issues without proper treatment. 

If you're tired of missing teeth but you're not sure removable dentures are the right solution, there is another option! Implant dentures and bridges replace missing teeth with permanent structures that look, feel, and function almost like your original natural teeth. 

Are you eligible for dental implants? Check out our guide to find out!

What are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures and bridges use dental implants to secure the artificial teeth and anchor the teeth to a level of security that no conventional denture can match. Patients with implant dentures and bridges have function restored to a comparable level to someone with healthy natural teeth. The comfort, security and looks are current technology that represents the wisest of choices.  

Dental implants can secure fixed, removable or fixed/removable appliances that are comfortable, highly functional and esthetically pleasing.  

This permanent form of tooth restoration eliminates common denture issues like a bad fit, lost teeth, bad breath, changes in speech patterns, dealing with messy adhesives, or removing teeth when soreness occurs.


Are You a Good Candidate?

Implant dentures sound good, but are you a good candidate for the procedure? Yes! Almost anyone healthy enough to undergo routine dental extractions or surgery is a possible candidate for these implants.

However, our High River denturist will evaluate your gums, existing teeth, and mouth before recommending the procedure. Implants are most successful if you have dense, healthy jaw bone to support the structure. If you also suffer from prolonged chronic illness or other systemic problems, you may not be a good candidate for this denture solution.


How Can I Prepare?

If you're ready to consider some of the best dental implant solutions offered anywhere, High River Denture & Implant Clinic is here to help. Putting away your loose removable dentures forever is possible, and you can do a few things to help ensure a successful implant procedure.

Good oral health is critical, whether you have natural teeth, dental implants, or both. If you're not yet a candidate for implant dentures, improving your mouth care habits can increase your oral health before it's time to consider the procedure again.


Choose An Industry Leader for Implant Dentures

We want everyone to have a smile that makes them proud! If you're unhappy with gaps left by missing teeth, it's time to consider implant dentures from an industry leader. 

Our state-of-the-art clinic helps many people restore their mouths with a complete set of permanent teeth. Contact us at the High River Denture & Implant Clinic to find out how we can help you get back to chewing the foods you've been missing!